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About Us

Showracks Trading LLC was established in Dubai in 1991, When Trade and Commerce was at its peak in the GCC and Neighbouring ME Countries.


From a modest beginning with a handful of employees, Show Racks Embarked on an aggressive business promotion blitz and, coupled with our philosophy of ensuring "customer loyalty" by offering competitive prices and excellent quality, we have earned the reputation of the leading One-Stop Shop Display specialists in the United Arab Emirates..


Our inventory comprises of an enormous and excellent range of equipment, fittings, shelving systems, check-out counters and trolleys, etc. for department stores and hypermarkets, slat boards and wire grille system for sport goods showrooms, novelties, Stores, stationery and gifts shops; mannequins, steam irons, hangers and chrome stands/racks for fashion boutiques and apparel stores; stacking systems for electronic and hardware shops, ship stores, groceries, etc.


The company also supplies several different models of freezers and chillers for supermarkets, butcheries, ice cream parlors, cold storage warehouses and chilled food Products marts, the hospitality industry, restaurants, restaurants and fast-food outlets, etc., for which there is an increasing demand every year.